Table of contents



Course introduction

This video introduces the reasons why this course is being offered and the overarching goals this course aims to solve.

Demo: Command-line interface

This video shows a few examples of what can be done when using the command-line interface.

Unix history and usage

This video provides a brief history of the Unix operating system and its prevalence in the industry.

The package manager

This video shows a brief introduction to the package manager and its uses for installing and removing software on Ubuntu.

Extra resources

This video is a walkthrough tutorial on how to get setup using a virtual machine to try out the Ubuntu 18.04 operating system. It was required in previous offerings of this course, but now is just a potential resource for you to use. M1 Macs cannot run Virtual Box.

  • Virtualbox is a popular open-source machine emulator. It can be used to run a Linux machine on Windows for example.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 and Lubuntu 18.04 are two popular Linux distributions.