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Note: The source code used in the slides and videos can be found in our git repository.


Introduction and shell scripting v1.0

This video discusses the benefits of shell scripting, and presents a first attempt at shell scripting for renaming files.

Bash language fundamentals

This video presents the syntax and main constructs of the Bash language: e.g., variable assignments, string manipulations, arrays, and for-loops.

Shell scripting v2.0

This video shows a possible “throwaway” script to rename files en masse.

More Bash language features

This video presents more advanced features of the Bash language, such as exit codes, conditionals, and functions.

Shell scripting v3.0

This video shows the breakdown of a scalable, reusable solution script for the problem of file renaming.

Good practices and conclusion

This video discusses how to use shellcheck, a bash script validator, concludes the module.

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