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Introduction and problem scenario

In the video, we talk about the applications of regex through the presentation of a problem scenario.

Introduction to sed

This video introduces sed, the famous steam editor.

Basic sed commands

This video provides an overview of common sed commands.

Bringing it together

This video shows how to use sed in order to solve the problem scenario presented in the introduction.

Introduction to awk

This video discusses the idea of keeping a state when parsing data in order to expand on our earlier problem scenario, and presents awk.

Basic awk usage

This video shows how we can call awk from the terminal, and how awk commands are generally structured.

awk language constructs

Considering that awk is a programming language, the video shows how to leverage common programming constructs.

Solution using awk

This video presents a solution to our expanded problem scenario using awk.


This video provides a brief discussion of sed, awk, and grep, and wraps up our topic on scripting.

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