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Introduction & GDB setup

This video introduces the GNU DeBugger (GDB) and the steps required before running it.

Using GDB and its use cases

This video describes how to interact with GDB via its interactive shell, and the common use cases for the debugger.

Debugging segmentation faults

This video looks at two examples of programs with segmentation faults, and how to use GDB to aid the debugging process.

Tracking bugs with breakpoints

This video presents a program exhibiting a behavioral bug and introduces the concept of breakpoints.

Printing and other userful commands

This video demonstrates the versatility of the print command and introduces a few smaller, but helpful, commands.

Demo: debugging the Caesar cipher program

This video illustrates how to use GDB to aid in the debugging process for the Caesar cipher program introduced in the previous module.


To wrap up the discussion about GDB, this video presents some of its limitations and discusses the use of the software.

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